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Alternating Pressure Pad

Variable pressure pad .


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Product description

SKU: SH100

Product Summary

  • Quiet pump alternately inflates and deflates 130 individual bubble air cells
  • 4 LPM (liters per minute) pump produces consistent air flow and pressure over a 5 minute cycle time and is available fixed or variable (Fig.A)
  • Variable pressure setting on pump allows for individualized comfort increasing patient complaince
  • Durable, heavy gauge, premium vinyl bubble pad provides superior therapeutic treatment and is available with or without end flaps
  • Pump has built-in brackets for mounting easily to bed
Technical specs
Pump Airflow4 LPM
Pump Cycle Time5 Minutes
Pump TypeCompressor
Weight Capacity300 lbs.
Warranty1 Year Control Unit, 90 Day Pad